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  • I’m so grateful for the Emir-Stein center. They are filling a gap that is critical. We are living in a time of division as a result of cultural ignorance and religious misrepresentation. To be able to hear from scholars and respected leaders in a format that’s easy to digest is critical.

    Bob Roberts

    Founder Sr. Pastor at NorthWood Church and GlocalNet
  • The Emir-Stein initiative understands what our mothers taught us long ago: we are scared of the strangers. So to end fear and the misguided results of fear and a lack of understanding we must know our neighbor… Would you give four minutes to bring our society closer to peace?

    M. Bruce Lustig

    Sr. Rabbi Washington Hebrew Congregation
  • Fascinating! Very well done.

    Daniel Langford

    Pastor, NorthWood Church, Texas

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